Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eager to start!

All afternoon my mind has been reeling with block design ideas! I'm happy to be given an opportunity to take part in a project that speaks to my interests in woman's rights and fair labor practices. Quilting is such a tactile and sensory art media. It lends its self to be appropriately suited as a memorial to the woman lost in the Triangle Factory fire. Please keep me up to date on the schedule. Also is the block 14x14 inch finished? Pauline

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  1. Once you start thinking about this and all its implications and reverberations--if anything, louder in this current moment--it's hard to stop. I started out thinking that 12x12 would be a good basic finished size--with room for variation, it will depend on what your chosen image/design asks of you. I can play with the sashing as I assemble the quilt, so total standardization of size isn't necessary and perhaps it isn't even desirable. Ideally we hope for a balance of images of the victims (I'm working on making these available), renditions of labor/union posters, images from the 1912 Lawrence, Massachusetts strike--the famous "Bread and Roses" strike; of women involved in the 1909 Uprising of the 20,000 strike in New York; some text if someone finds an appropriate document; squares based on union symbols/labels; maybe the covers of some famous labor songs ("Bread and Roses" is an obvious choice) ; and anything else that harmonizes with the visual chorus we're raising. My own imagery may be a bit intense right now: today is the anniversary of the fire, and at 4:45 (time the fire was reported to the NYFD), churches all over New York and elsewhere will toll their bells in memory of the victims---anticipating that makes them feel very much present somehow.