Monday, October 8, 2012

The Triangle Fire Memorial Quilt Comes Together,
Will Debut at Eldridge Street Synagogue

After many days spent arranging, rearranging, crawling around on my living room rug, backing up and squinting and rearranging again, I am more than pleased--a little astonished comes closer--to report  that the quilt is almost finished. There's no place in my apartment big enough to hang it, but I did get some shots with it clipped to the curtains in my living room window. The window is five feet wide and the quilt is ten feet long by seven feet high, so you can see the problem. But until I can get it onto a very long curtain rod and borrow a wall from some very good friend, this is a rough idea of what parts of the quilt look like now.

I had a really good meeting last week with people from the Eldridge Street Synagogue---they are excited about the quilt and eager to see the completed thing in real life. We agreed that the synagogue was an appropriate place for the quilt to debut: Eldridge Street will display it for a week in mid March, and they plan a number of events around it. It will go up on Sunday, March 10, and be on display through the following Sunday.  It's a strong, varied, vibrant piece, the work of many talented hands. I'm grateful to everyone who contributed a block, and I hope you can make it to the unveiling of our quilt. I'll post further details as they take shape. I am planning, as of now, to sew a sleeve across the top of the quilt to carry the long curtain rod, in sections so that support brackets can be mounted--in addition, I think a rod across the bottom will lend weight and clarity to the images. But I am wide open to suggestions. Congratulations, all--this is something remarkable that we have made.